Simer Faces Murder Charges For Boating Tragedy

Criminal charges has been filed against a local man allegedly responsible for last month’s boating incident that killed a nine year old boy.

Brien Simer faces nine criminal charges including murder in the 2nd degree, information pills involuntary manslaughter, aggravated assault and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.
The charges against Simer stems from the June 29, 2014 incident where he reportedly rammed into a government boat causing injury and death.
According to eyewitness accounts previously reported by OTV, a speedboat driven by Simer during the Social Security function slammed into the rear of a government boat with passengers immediately injuring at least one person.
The speedboat then slipped back into the water and hit the government boat a second time throwing those inside to the floor and into the water. While victims swam for help, the boat reportedly lined up for the final attack.
The boat reportedly headed straight for the port side of the government boat where 9-year old Jonas Markub attempted to climb up from the water. Markub was unfortunately crushed between the two boats when the speedboat turned sideways causing a side impact. He did not survive his injuries.
Charges against Simer were filed in Court on July 11, 2014.

Brien Simer: Driver of the Speedboat which killed a nine year old boy
Brien Simer: Driver of the Speedboat which killed a nine year old boy