New Model Predicts Potential Sea Level Flooding In Malakal

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A new model developed by a team of physical oceanographers has forecasted potential sea level flooding in and around the Malakal area in Palau.
A team working with the Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System based in Hawaii developed the model called the PacIOOS Six-Day High Sea Level Forecasts.
Dr. Martin Guiles, look PacIOOS Senior Physical Oceanographic Research Specialist and project lead explains that “along with a more accurate analysis of the tides, order the high sea level forecast tool utilizes analyses of several kinds of non-tidal sea level variability that can add to the height of the tide to produce unexpected flooding in the absence of storms or tsunamis.”
The predictions include influences of currents and whirlpools that evolve over days as well as shorter period motions.
This new model was developed in response to requests from ocean stakeholders in the region.
The forecasted sea level flooding in Malakal reportedly occurs over the weekend according to the PacIOOS model.
According to the tide schedule for Palau, high tide will reach over 6 feet for the next few days. The model also forecasted a potential sea level flooding in Apra Harbor in Guam.