Filipino Kills Hotel Roommate in Palau

A depressed Filipino national allegedly killed his hotel roommate at the Palau Vacation Hotel on the afternoon of April 3, prescription 2015 before attempting suicide by jumping off the hotel’s rooftop.

There are conflicting reports about what led to this tragic incident. One report claims Roy Ybanez who was allegedly suffering from depression weeks leading up to incident might have believed his roommate Mcdonald Legaspi intended to harm him. This is based on Ybanez’s notion that “someone was out to kill him”.

Other reports indicate that Legaspi sustained the single fatal stab wound to the chest when he tried to stop Ybanez from attempting suicide in their hotel room. Neither one of these reports have been confirmed to be true explaining what happened and what may have been Ybanez’s motive for the killing.

In any case, Ybanez did in fact jump off the hotel’s rooftop in attempt to take his own life. He survived the fall, but remains hospitalized. Legaspi was pronounced dead at the Belau National Hospital.

The case is under investigation by the Criminal Investigations Unit of the Bureau of Public Safety.