ROC Hands Over 600 New School Desks to Palau High School

Palau High School, ambulance the nation’s lone public high school has received 600 new student desks through grant assistance from the Republic of China-Taiwan.

The brand new desks, story which will “enhance the classroom environment”, information pills will also allow comfortable and safe setting for students says PHS Principal Smyth Rdang during the brief handover ceremony on April 6, 2015.
The desks were procured through a $1.2 million School Improvement Project that includes renovation of all of Palau’s public school. According to a press release form the Ministry of Education, the project was made possible through the Office of the President with funding assistance from the 2014 ROC stimulus grant.
His Excellency Harry Ho-Jen Tseng, the Ambassador of ROC to Palau handed the items over to Education Minister Sinton Soalablai, PHS students and teachers as well as members of MOE and the Parent Teachers and Students Association (PTSA).