Yapese Mother Saves Child From A Knife Attack In Guam – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
On July 22nd, approved a 36-year-old woman saved her daughter from an armed ex-boyfriend who attempted to stab her in Guam.
Guam’s Pacific Daily News reports that Christina Rogog took immediate action and intervened when she heard that her daughter’s ex-boyfriend Maurice Powell Junior was attacking her outside their home in Agat, here Guam.
Rogog told Guam PDN that her only concern was to get the knife out of Powell’s hand.
Rogog managed to snatch the knife from Powell in addition to a second knife she noticed in his pocket.
Once he was disarmed, medicine Powell attempted to flee the scene, but Rogog refused to let him leave saying she didn’t want him to get away and wanted him jailed.
A few minutes later, police arrived at the scene and Powell was arrested.
According to PDN, Powell told police planned a murder-suicide, killing his ex-girlfriend Kimberly Mangarwum first and then himself.
Rogog who is originally from Yap State, is considering sending her daughter back home out of safety.