Palau Leaders Apologizes To Japanese In Hotel Attack – VIDEO

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By Rolynda Jonathan
On August 16, ambulance Palau’s top government leaders expressed apology to a Japanese man who was violently attacked in his hotel room.
In speaking to the tourist, who asked that his name be withheld, Vice President and Minister of Justice Tony Bells expressed apology on behalf of Palau and assured that it will not happen again.
He hoped that incident do not affect Japanese tourists to Palau. “We are hoping that this incident will not affect the tourism industry.
Tourists from Japan have been one the biggest contributor to our economy”, said Bells.
The victim, who is photographer and designer plans to return to Palau and help promote Palau to his friends and family despite his ordeal.
He has been visiting Palau annually since 1988.
To prevent future incidents, the Penthouse Hotel has strengthened its security through the installation of grills.
Last week, the Japanese tourist was beaten and robbed by two juvenile inmates who escaped from jail.
The two inmates are now in isolation with heightened security.

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