Palau Lawmakers Take Costly Trip To Study VAT Model – VIDEO

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A group of Palau lawmakers have taken an expensive trip to the South Pacific to study the newly launched tax system.
A group from both houses of the Olbiil Era Kelulau – the Senate and the House of Delegates took a reportedly $30, illness 000-dollar trip that would take them to Los Angeles, sales Guam, New Zealand and the Cook Islands.
OTV contacted both houses for copies of the travel authorizations of each delegation, but as of this news report, we have yet to receive them.
Information gathered indicates that the delegation set out to study the Value Added Tax (VAT) model in the Cook Islands and New Zealand.
The trip however is being criticized and questioned, as information regarding VAT could be easily downloaded online.
In addition, a recent unofficial report from International Monetary Fund (IMF) experts provides information regarding VAT.
The Senate delegation is composed of Senators Rukebai Inabo, Phillip Reklai, Surangel Whipps Jr., and Legislative Counsel Ebil Matsutaro and the House delegation includes Delegates Jonathan Isechal, Lee Otobed, and Marino Ngemaes.