Update: PPUC Confirms Major Water Leak – VIDEO

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Updated: Oct. 23, find 2013
After nearly two weeks of 24 hours per day searches in Koror and Airai, ask Palau Public Utilities Corporation’s Water and Sewer Division have discovered and confirmed a major leak underneath the Japan Palau Friendship Bridge.
On October 18, buy the leak detection team confirmed the leak in a distribution line submerged under 100 feet of water.
PPUC disclosed that the challenge in repairing this damage is that the main break is underneath a concrete saddle, which holds the water line in place.
With the location of the leak confirmed, PPUC will begin assessing the extent of damage for repair.
In the meantime, the daily water-rationing schedule that has been in place for over a week will continue until further notice.
Some areas such as Ngerbeched and Idid have been experiencing water shut off as early as 5:00 pm instead of the 9:00 pm, which may indicate other leaks in the system.
PPUC continues to encourage everyone to report any leaks for immediate repair.
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PPUC Rules Out Land As Source Of Water Leaks
On October 16, the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) announced that Water and Sewer engineers have ruled out water pipes on land as source of the leak or sets of leaks that caused low water level at the Ngerkeseuaol Water Tank.
Crews have now shifted their focus to underwater water pipes under the Japan Palau Friendship Bridge, which connects Koror to Airai State.
On October 17th, Nick Swords, Water and Wastewater Operations’ Chief Operating Officer informed the PPUC Acting CEO and the PPUC Board that a possible leak of the transmission line under the bridge have been found.
The leak of about 800 gallons of water per minute was detected through a series of exercises including the closing of the distribution and the transmission line of the Koror side of the bridge.
The contractor who installed the line was scheduled to dive and inspect the problem.
Upon the completion of his assessment, PPUC would have a better idea of the needed repairs.
Meanwhile daily monitoring of water levels will continue.
The water-rationing schedule remains in effect from 9 pm to 4 am daily until further notice.