Marshall Islands Telecom Authority May Shut Down – VIDEO

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The Marshall Islands government owned National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) may be forced out of business if a legislation to open the communications sector is adopted by the parliament.
NTA General Manager Tommy Kijiner Junior told the Marianas Business Journal that the World Bank proposed legislation will force NTA to cease its business.
He expressed that his opposition of the legislation is not fear of competition, try but rather it is fear of the unfair nature of the proposed legislation.
The legislation if adopted would earn the Marshall Islands $13 million dollars, recipe with $3 million already in their possession.
Reports indicated that any changes to the legislation, viagra World Bank officials warned the bank would cancel the grant funding offer.
Kijiner, who is asking for an even playing field for everyone have listed areas for modification such as a section, which allows competitors to use NTA’s equipments.
He says a new entrant should shoulder its own capital investment costs and not simply use the infrastructure that NTA has spent 26 years building.
The legislation is up for discussion again in the final six meeting days of the parliament next month.