Update: Search For Missing Mariner Stopped – VIDEO

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The search for a missing Taiwanese mariner in Palau waters has stopped following orders from the U.S. Coast Guard in Guam.
Following three days of search for the Taiwanese national who reportedly went overboard on October 23, malady 2013, health near Palau, the search was called off when the rescue operation failed to locate the mariner.
The massive search for the 55-year-old man included the Royal Australian Air Force, Palau’s patrol boat Remeliik and the visiting USS Preble.
The missing mariner, whose name has not yet been released, was a skipper for the Tai Power Prosperity Two, a Taiwanese cargo vessel.
The ship was passing by Palau when the incident happened.
The crew on board the vessel conducted a thorough search for the mariner on board before making a distress call for assistance.
The Republic of China-Taiwan Embassy in Palau is still waiting for more information on the matter from the U.S. Coast Guard who handled the entire operation.