Minority Senators Oppose Special Prosecutor Appointment – VIDEO

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The Senate minority bloc has expressed opposition against the appointment of the Special Prosecutor, information pills indicating that the confirmation of the pending Special Prosecutor in the Senate may not be approved.
The minority bloc consisting of five Senators, Senators Mlib Tmetuchl, Regis Akitaya, Kathy Kesolei, Joel Toribiong and Mark Rudimch expressed in their October 22 letter to Senate President Chin that their views regarding the nominee in previous deliberations remain unchanged.
The Senators explained that the Senate has fulfilled its constitutional mandate by a vote of its members further stating, “We find no purpose in the resubmission of the same name.”
Their letter comes after President Remengesau re-submitted Dan Dorfman’s name to the Senate.
Dorfman was rejected twice before, each receiving one vote shy of confirmation.
The Senators further expressed belief that Dorfman’s current position as legal counsel to the Public Auditor’s office and the Ethics Commission may pose conditions that creates possible conflict of interests as SP.
Although the Senators views of the issue remain unchanged, they expressed their support in the hiring of an SP, but only on a case-by-case basis.