Suicide Notes Found In Dead Of Japanese Couple – VIDEO

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The deaths of a Japanese couple this week may have been an act of suicide as suicide notes have reportedly been discovered in the couple’s home.
The husband identified as Yosuke Tsuruoka and his wife, information pills whose name have yet been released by authorities were found dead on Monday October 21 in the Oikull area, health a few minutes drive from Palau International Airport. The family was found a few hours after friends and colleagues reported them missing.
Their one-year-old daughter who was the lone survivor of this tragic incident was fortunately unharmed.
A source told OTV that according to the notes, more about the wife was in agreement about the suicide. The notes also reportedly contained the couples’ apologies for the child’s death, possibly indicating that they may have not anticipate she would survive this ordeal.
A media release issued by the Bureau of Public Safety on October 23rd stated the “investigation is still ongoing, but based on the facts gathered, there is no evidence of foul play by a third person.”
In an earlier interview, Public Safety Director Ismael Aguon told OTV that there were signs of injuries on the couple, but no other details were disclosed.
However, reports indicate that Tsuruoka was found a few feet from the vehicle with stab wounds to the chest. The wife, who appeared to have strangulation marks on her neck, was found in the car with the child. Director Aguon stated in the media release that the exact cause of death is yet to be confirmed by doctors.
The couple along with their daughter was reported missing at noon on October 21 when Tsuruoka failed to report to work.
Tsuruoka and his family have reportedly been in Palau since the beginning of the year. Tsuruoka was associated with the Yachiyo Engineering Company Ltd as an engineer working on the Japan government funded Aimeliik Power Plant development project.
The couple’s families arrived on October 22 following news of their death. The families along with officials from JICA, Public Safety, and State Government officials visited the site where they were found. Prayers were offered and flowers were laid in honor of their memories.