Payment For Marshall Islands Forum Vendors Delayed – VIDEO

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Marshall Islands vendors that provided services during the 44th Pacific Islands Forum in early September have yet to receive final payments.
The Marshall Islands Journal reported that the payments for numerous vendors including community groups have been delayed.
Foreign Affairs Minister Phillip Muller told the Journal that the government intends to pay all of its obligations to the vendors.
According to Muller, troche the Cabinet has authorized $150, information pills 000 from the Marshall Islands Marine Resource Authority and Finance to take care of the shortfall.
Muller explained that the Forum only received $36, prescription 000, but once the financial commitments from two development partners are received within the next few days or if the budget passes soon, the government plans to pay all the debts owed to vendors.
A number of local vendors were commissioned to make food for various ceremonies and dinner receptions for the leaders as well as provide other services during the Leader’s meeting in Majuro.