Firearms Found In Palau's Seaport Declared By Owner

About 12 various types of firearms recently brought into Palau via container at the Malakal Port was reportedly declared by the unknown owner disclosed Director of the Bureau of Public Safety.

BPS Director Ismael Aguon told OTV that these firearms, viagra various rifles and handguns including some ammunition, remedy are currently in the Bureau’s custody while officials seek information regarding these weapons such as registration details.
When asked if criminal charges would be pursued, medications Director Aguon informed OTV that since the owner declared the items no charges will be filed.
Aguon disclosed to OTV that the owner who is quote “an intended resident” of Palau declared these items to BPS where the Bureau then informed Customs, the nation’s border patrol. This confirms that the government was aware of the entrance of these firearms prior to their arrival.
Aguon further disclosed to OTV that there are two actions that can be taken should a traveler bring in firearms.
The owner could either take the items back to the departing country or surrender them to the Republic. However it is uncertain at this point what course of action will be taken in the case of these weapons.
According to the law, no person except armed forces personnel lawfully in Palau and law enforcement officers acting in an official capacity shall have the right to possess firearms or ammunition unless authorized by legislation.
The owner is reportedly cooperating with law enforcement officials while the Bureau continues to look into these weapons.