Palau Remains A Tier 2 Country Under U.S. Human Trafficking Report

The Republic of Palau remains ranked as a Tier 2 country for the sixth consecutive year – according to the newly released United States Department of State Trafficking In Persons report for 2014.

Despite hearings conducted by lawmakers and accusations made against then-Attorney General Victoria Roe for failing to defend Palau on the ranking, no rx the U.S. State Department’s Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking In Persons again ranked Palau as a Tier 2 country.
The report describes Palau as a destination country for women subjected to sex trafficking, viagra approved and for women and men subjected to forced labor. The report further cited two separate cases involving human trafficking and forced labor.
The cases mentioned are regarding employees and owners of the Shangri-la Massage and Parlor, site and the ATT Karaoke Bar and Restaurant who are accused of human trafficking, money laundering and other crimes. Both cases are still pending in the Supreme Court.
Although the report does not mention the cases specifically it does state that locals involved in the cases including a State Governor are being charged with lesser crimes, and not with human trafficking-related charges that carries severe penalties.
The report also mentioned the controversial public hearing conducted by local lawmakers who criticized the report. It states, “senior government officials publicly criticized and downplayed the importance of anti-trafficking efforts in Palau”.
In late January of this year, lawmakers condemned Roe for failing to defend Palau, failing to provide an analysis of the report and further called for her resignation. She subsequently resigned from her position in April. The accusations made by local lawmakers particularly members of the House of Delegates may have influenced her decision to step down as the nation’s top prosecutor.
The report states, “The Government of Palau made limited and inadequate efforts to prevent trafficking or identify and protect victims of trafficking.” It is also believed that the suspension of foreign workers to Palau is a result of human trafficking allegations and unequal minimum wage laws.
On June 25, 2014, President Remengesau Junior released a public statement where he expressed concern for Palau’s 6th consecutive ranking as a Tier 2 country. He further expressed strong commitment to improving Palau’s efforts in the fight against human trafficking. In addition, the President committed to working with the Vice President to “ensure that the Ministry of Justice devotes assets to the issue.”
OTV was unable to get a comment from the Minister of Justice and the Acting Attorney General by this news report. However OTV will continue to follow up on this report and on Palau’s plans to address human trafficking issues.
Visit to view the 2014 U.S. State Department Trafficking In Persons report